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Face to face - funding vital services

PFRA member charities are responsible for providing absolutely critical services in communities across Australia and globally.

Without the funds raised through face to face fundraising, many of these services could not be delivered.

Thanks to the more than 340,000 generous Australians who commenced a regular gift to PFRA member charities during 2018.

High standards are critical

PFRA members have committed to ensuring the highest possible standard for their face to face fundraising.

Fundraising is regulated at state and local government level and the PFRA provides an additional layer of self regulation and active compliance to support this.

If you think our Standard has been breached, please report this as soon as possible to the member charity concerned.

Local Authorities:

Councils wishing to contact the PFRA about a site management agreement or to report issue with fundraising please call 0419 666 089.

Members of the Public:

All feedback from members of the public should, if it relates to a specific issue, be directed to the charity concerned. A full list of PFRA member charities and their websites can be found here.

If you are not satisfied with the way in which a member charity of the PFRA has managed an issue or complaint, you can raise this with the PFRA, by either calling 0419 666 089 or by completing a contact form here.


The PFRA is now managing its members’ restart of F2F to fundraising. F2F fundraising is now permitted. The PFRA will be monitoring and reviewing compliance with strict social distancing requirements. 

Reducing Redtape in Fundraising:

To access the PFRA's submission to the national consultation in response to the proposed cross-border recognition model for charitable fundraisers click here.