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News and Media Updates

PFRA Press Release - PFRA Statement on Channel 9 (Today programme) coverage - 21/05/2018

“The PFRA, on behalf of both its charity and company members, is deeply disappointed by this unfounded and extreme attack launched on the face-to-face fundraising sector. It was completely unjustified and unfairly denigrated the many thousands of incredibly hard working people who each year raise millions of dollars for charities across Australia.

‘All fundraising incurs costs, whether F2F, lotteries or raffles. Charities are required by their trustees to fundraise in the most cost-effective way possible. For many charities this means partnering with professional fundraising organisations and all PFRA members disclose this information to potential donors.

‘Without the sums raised by F2F fundraising, many hundreds of thousands of people would not have received the care and support they have done from our member charities. PFRA members sign up to a strict code-of-conduct to ensure all donors are treated fairly and honestly; members of the public can check to see who is a member



PFRA Press Release - Appco Court Case - 18/05/2018


The court’s decision today demonstrates the often complex issues that underpin a modern labour market and will therefore need to be carefully studied. Since these matters first arose 2 years ago, the PFRA has taken a number of measures to support not only Appco Australia, but all our members.

The Association last year held a series of workshops led by legal and regulatory experts to help our members ensure employment and contractor arrangements were compliant with the law. We then followed this up with a due diligence toolkit for use by charities using professional fundraising organisations.

A significant number of charities have worked in partnership with professional fundraising organisations, such as Appco Australia, for many years. Those partnerships have delivered hundreds of thousands of generous donors and millions of dollars of investment in local communities across the entire country.

Our Association is therefore proud to represent both charities and professional fundraising organisations, and has always taken an unequivocal stance that fundraisers should be both fairly treated and paid at all times. We will continue to work with our members to embed high standards through our new accreditation program, which was launched this month.

Given that this case is now live and ongoing, the PFRA will not be making any further statements at this time.


PFRA Widens Reach and Launches Accreditation Programme

The Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA) has today moved to expand its operation into two additional Australian cities. Adelaide and Perth have both been added to the existing roster of cities, along with the greater metro areas of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, which receive regular compliance checks by the PFRA. The enlargement of the Association’s regulatory reach now means that over 60% of the country (by population) will fall under the PFRA’s face-to-face fundraising remit.

Commenting on the change, Peter Hills-Jones, Chief Executive of the PFRA said:

“Our aim is to be a regular presence in all the country’s major urban areas, which is where the vast majority of street fundraising takes place. We can’t have any blind spots if self-regulation is to continue as a credible and robust alternative to ever greater state regulation.”

And in a supporting move, the PFRA will be launching an accreditation programme for its members in early 2018. The modular programme, which is currently out for consultation with its charities and fundraising agencies, will allow PFRA members to demonstrate their compliance with a wide range of critical industry requirements.
Whether it’s ensuring quality corporate governance; safeguarding donor data; or making certain fundraisers are being trained to a consistently high standard, the PFRA’s new accreditation programme will raise the bar for what it deems to be high quality fundraising. There will also be modules on supply chain due diligence and preventing fundraiser fraud, rounding out a comprehensive package of activity for members.
As part of this reform, PFRA staff will also now be regularly attending members’ training sessions and providing structured feedback on the quality of the content delivered to fundraisers. Over the course of 2018, the PFRA will also be developing a compliance competency framework so that members understand the skills and knowledge required to deliver comprehensive compliance training to all their staff.

Hills-Jones added:

“Accreditation will set a new benchmark for excellence in face-to-face fundraising. Our aim is for PFRA membership to become the recognised gold standard for all charities and agencies in Australia. By reinforcing this with regular training observations, we can provide greater assurance that fundraisers are receiving the right support and skills, and then delivering an outstanding experience for donors every time”.