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How the PFRA regulates

The PFRA is responsible for the self-regulation of face to face fundraising in Australia. The PFRA is unique in the fundraising sector in that we are the only organisation that has been established specifically to regulate one type of fundraising and ensure compliance with a Standard. This includes:

  • Setting standards
  • Checking that fundraisers comply with the Standard through a quality assurance program
  • Enforcing the Standard through a penalty, sanctions and remediation regime

Any breach of the PFRA Standard can be reported to the PFRA for investigation. If you believe that a breach has occurred, please get in touch by calling us on 1300 170 570 or by using our feedback page.

Face to face fundraising is also regulated by state, territory and local governments.

Types of fundraising not covered by the PFRA

Please note that the PFRA does not have a role in the self-regulation of other forms of fundraising such as cash collections, lotteries, raffles, commercial sales of charitable products or telephone fundraising.

Fundraising Institute Australia (FIA)

The Fundraising Institute Australia (FIA) is the professional body for fundraisers in Australia. FIA maintains a set of professional codes and standards for fundraisers in all areas of fundraising.